Rusk has been an impaneled arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association since 1993 and has resolved a wide range of disputes from small homeowner disputes to large complex cases worth over twenty million.
     As a practicing construction professional,  Rusk is able to understand the facts of cases to the finest detail.  He has written CPM schedules, underpinned structures, built cabinets, supervised plumbers, written and received change orders. 
     He understands the pressures businessmen and women face when their firms are involved in dispute and the importance of returning their focus to the future.
     As a non-lawyer, he understands construction law but treats the law as a neutral should, relying on the lawyers to provide him the briefs and case law rather than relying on his own preconceptions.   An expert in the rules and practice of arbitration,  Rusk understands the  advantages of arbitration as a specific dispute resolution process with different rules and  procedures than litigation.  He works to exploit those advantages through the use of expedited discovery, flexibility in case presentation and a focused approach to the determinative issues that will decide the case.  He seeks to understand the contracts, unearth the facts, and apply the law to reach the right decision.