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John, you did a splendid job as a mediator.  This was definitely a nettlesome case, and you navigated the maze of negotiations with skill and deftness.  I sincerely appreciate how you immersed yourself into the details of the matter, not something I see from many mediators.  Your efforts were much appreciated.  I look forward to more interactions in the future.  Best, Michael
Michael S. Zetlin, Esq.
Zetlin & De Chiara LLP
We appreciate the kind words and all of your efforts to have us reach a settlement. Without your expertise, patience and assistance this settlement would not have been reached. From our perspective, both sides did well in their selection of you as mediator, and from our side, you showed yourself to have the construction and mediation/arbitration knowledge and experience we believed a mediator would have to possess to settle this case.
David G. Tobias, Esq.
Tobias Law Firm, P.C.

I don’t believe many mediators would have been able to get this complex matter settled.  This is clearly the best result for both sides and you were able to make that happen.
Michael D. Morici Jr. Esq.
Morici & Morici LLP

From the Feedback Digest of the International Mediation Institute
Parties and counsel who have used John Rusk would overwhelmingly use his services again and would, without hesitation, recommend him to others. Typical of the comments reflecting Mr. Rusk’s acceptability are: (i) Mr. Rusk is a skillful mediator, capable of handling difficult situations and personalities. He is an effective and patient mediator; (ii) He is very well prepared and thorough, and he has a good sense of what mediation is designed to accomplish; (iii) I sincerely believe that there is no dispute in which John cannot bring the parties together; (iv) Mr. Rusk is a knowledgeable, highly skilled first rate mediator; and (v) John Rusk is an excellent mediator. He is conscientious and very professional.

 Mr. Rusk’s mediation skills and abilities are rated as highly effective. Typical of feedback received in this regard are: (i) John has exhibited a strong ability to get the parties to recognize the business man's view of litigation. This skill enables him to discuss the options with the parties as a way to get to a settlement; (ii) He shows kindness and understanding to the disappointments of both sides; (iii) He is intelligent and well versed in construction matters; (iv) John has the unique ability to reduce the most complex issues to their simpliest form. He also possesses the ability to persuade others while remaining impartial; and (v) He shows attention to detail and dedication to achieving a settlement acceptable to both parties.

 Mr. Rusk is also highly regarded for his ability to effect a positive outcome. For example, one provider of feedback noted that his preparation, understanding of the issues and desire to bring the parties to an agreement made a decisive difference in the outcome.

 Costs were widely reported as reasonable in the context of the value of the disputes mediated by Mr. Rusk, and in general a very high degree of satisfaction was reported.

 No reportable negative comments have been received since Mr. Rusk’s designation as an IMI Certified Mediator.